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Company News : Hurricane Sandy
on 2012/12/8 17:30:00 (2804 reads)

Superstorm Sandy had a significant impact on our area. While members, some of which lost their own homes, of the East Dover Volunteer Fire Company were out rescuing people from the rising flood waters in their homes, they returned to find the firehouse under water. The firehouse was under a significant amount of water and it was rising, quickly. The members grabbed what they could of personal belongings and equipment and were forced to abandon the building in which they all loved. Standing in soaking wet firefighting gear, with the idea of leaving their building fresh in their mind, the members of the fire company trudged on. They relocated to Toms River High School East where they set up a temporary firehouse in their conference room. The members continued running calls and removing people trapped by flood waters, despite the knowledge of their building being under water.

Little did they know, until returning after the flood waters were receding, that their building had faced door knob deep water throughout. Walking through the building now you can see from one side to the other, with no obstructions, since it had to be gutted up to 4' high. Crucial equipment had been ruined. The fire company is now conducting business out of 2 small construction trailers located in their parking lot.

Faced with significant financial hurdles, and the extreme cost of rebuilding, the East Dover Volunteer Fire Company is seeking your help. Donations may be mailed to 629 Fischer Blvd, Toms River, NJ 08753 or DONATE via credit card online using the donate button located on the top right corner of our web page,

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Members returned to the building the following day while flood waters were receding. The members observed breathing air bottles, shoes, and refrigerators floating around the building like rafts. As well as copious amounts of equipment still completely submerged under water.

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