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Company News : Happy Holidays
on 2015/12/6 17:30:00 (1730 reads)

We wish you a happy and safe holiday season.

.Open in new windowPrevent Christmas Tree fires.
-Select a fresh green tree with branches that bend but do not break.
- Water! Keep the tree in water always.
- Keep the tree away from heat sources.
- Only keep the trees inside for 2 weeks.
- Recycle the trees at the curb, not in your fireplace.

Maintain your holiday lighting
- Inspect all strands and plugs prior to installation. Replace any damaged strands.
- Use UL or CPSC approved lighting
- Join no more than 3 strands of lights together
- Check the condition of the lights periodically.
- Do not leave them unattended.

Holiday Decorations & Candles
- Use products labeled as flame retardant or non flammable.
- Keep decorations away from heat sources.
- Use candles only as decor, do not light them.
- Keep candles on stable surfaces and away from flammables if you do light them.
- Never leave a candle lit while not around

The Toms River Bureau of Fire Prevention

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