About Us

The East Dover Fire Company #4, Station 28, is one of 6 fire companies that make up the 350 member all volunteer Toms River Fire Department. As a whole the Toms River Fire Department provides 24 hour fire protection, suppression, water rescue, technical rescue and more to the 100,000 residents calling the 42 square mile Township of Toms River home, as well as the many that vacation here during the summer months. Toms River Township is also home to many tidal waters including the Atlantic Ocean, Barnegat Bay, Silver Bay, Toms River, Winding River, Goose Creek, Kettle Creek, and multiple inland waterways and lakes. 

Although the East Dover Fire Company #4 responds throughout the entire 42 square mile township for larger incidents, the main response area of the company is the eastern end of the mainland of Toms River Township. Comprised of approximately 27,000 full time residents plus a large number of seasonal residents during the summer months. 

The eastern end of the township, including the Company’s only station, was heavily damaged during Superstorm Sandy in October of 2012. Despite this our company continues to operate with 60 all volunteer members, out of 1 station located on Fischer Blvd. 24 hours a day these 60 members staff 1 command vehicle, 2 engines, 1 ladder, 1 brush truck, 1 water rescue truck, and 1 water rescue boat.